Turnitin for students

When you undertake academic study, it is important to make clear what is your own work and what you have copied or adapted from other sources. Appropriate acknowledgement of the work and ideas of others is fundamental to the core value of academic integrity and honesty. Correct citation allows your readers to follow up the sources you have referred to, so proper citation is an important part of scholarly investigation and the sharing of ideas. Learning how to write and reference well takes practice.

This site shows you how to use Turnitin. It also provides you with information about correct citations and where you can find more help with your academic writing.

What does Turnitin do?

Turnitin scans your work against other sources in its database looking for matching text. It can help you and your lecturer identify where your information comes from and to check your citations. This information may suggest that your work has been plagiarised.

To find out more about: Turnitin at the University of Melbourne; plagiarism, and, how to avoid plagiarism, check the information below:

For more information about Turnitin go to www.turnitin.com or contact the LMS Academic and Learning Systems Support team.