Assignment cover sheet

The assignment cover sheet is an important tool encouraging students to acknowledge that their work complies with the University's rules of assessment and that assignments may be communicated to a plagiarism checking service. Whilst appropriate citation of original work will vary from discipline to discipline, the University recommends a standard cover sheet which includes some basic features.

Assignment cover sheets should contain two or more core sections and are required for hard copy and electronic assignment submissions. We recommend that they should be no longer than a single A4 page. They should include an administrative section, which may be amended to suit local needs of departments, centres and/or faculties. A student declaration section, as written in the attachment below, must be included. Submission may be in written form, as a signed assignment cover sheet, or electronically, via a 'click through' window in a restricted password protected university portal where students upload their assignments.

DownloadSample assignment cover sheet template
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